20 Reasons Why Zouk Is Better Than Sex

Sex, of course, is a fun and healthy pastime. But there is just something about Zouk dancing that makes it often even better! Here are 20 reasons why, in the “sex vs. Zouk” battle, Zouk might just be the winner:

  1. By default, it has a cool soundtrack.
  2. You burn more calories doing it.
  3. You can use it as an excuse to travel and no one would think you’re weird because of it.
  4. You don’t need to wine and dine anyone first to get a go.
  5. You can keep doing it for hours at a time and keep enjoying it.
  6. You can watch others do it. You can even steal their moves. You can let others watch you and steal your moves. None of this is considered creepy and all of it can be done right out in the public.
  7. It doesn’t ruin your friendship when you go for it with your good friend.
  8. There are a load of positions and moves that you can try, and for the most part you’re very unlikely to hear anyone say “are you sick… I do NOT want to do that” about any of them.
  9. You can do it with as many different people in a night/week/month as you wish. If you just stick to your one partner, you’d be considered weird. In fact, the more partners you swap while doing it, the better everyone thinks of you.
  10. There nothing to worry about the morning after you do it.

Here are some additions from the Zouk community:

  1. You can enjoy it at practically any age, no matter how young or old.
  2. Your political, religious or other differences will not prevent you from doing it with someone.
  3. You don’t have to worry about how to politely ask the other person to leave afterwards – they just smile at you and go off on their own.
  4. It’s not that awkward if you can’t remember someone’s name after it.
  5. You don’t need to go to a confession the following Sunday after doing it; “father forgive me, for I have Zouked!”
  6. If pictures or videos of you doing it end up online – it’s all good.
  7. If you go shopping for extra gear, the things you buy won’t raise an eyebrow.
  8. You will get sweaty, but when you’re done, your bed is still fresh and clean.
  9. You get all the physical closeness and touch but none of the baggage.
  10. Girls don’t mind giving lots of head… movement!


About: Leah Inshade

Traveler, dancer, writer. Occasionally take photos, teach dance workshops and wreck havoc :).

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