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Just Jacob is a Chicago-based artist, producer, DJ, and CEO of Just Jacob Ventures LLC who also edits the music column at Zoukology. In addition to touring, he spins in weekly residence at Primary and The Apartment in Chicago, with previous sets and residencies at clubs across the nation like Club Fuego / Space 550 (San Francisco), Sound-Bar (Chicago), Lique (Miami), The Hard Rock Cafe (Chicago), TSAR (Orlando), Rio / Dolphin (Chicago), Wherehouse (Milwaukee), Club Mambo (Chicago), House of Loom (Omaha), Bassline (Chicago), Aeon Studios (LA), Toque de Kizomba (Chicago), and more. For all inquiries, email jacob@justjacob.com or check out the social buttons listed below.

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Allan Z ft Ficci – Senses Overload (ft. Laura Hahn) Remix