Video: Pros Dancing Backstage @ the 7th Annual Prague Zouk Congress

Video Credit: Zouk Soul

You may have noticed your Facebook news feed exploding with colorful, sharp and striking photos and videos from Zouk congresses throughout the world over the last few months. Delightful, captivating moments from Zurich, Canada, Prague, London, etc… and it’s definitely been helping to cure our irrepressible Zouk F.O.M.O!

Neel Bakshi of Zouk Soul has been digitally uniting the Zouk community around the world and has graciously allowed Zoukology to publish some exclusive videos from his travels.

How lucky for us!

Click the video above to check out this very cool moment from the 7th Annual Prague Zouk Congress; your FAVORITE PROS social dancing backstage:

Henri/Shani, Igor/Larissa, Marc/Paloma, Kamacho/Kiri


About: Danielle Marie

Danielle Marie is the Managing Editor for Zoukology Magazine. She has a degree in Journalism from Rutgers University and is experienced in news and magazine writing and radio production. She was trained by Henri Velandia, is a ZoukNY certified level one Brazilian Zouk instructor and dances on Aline Cleto's and Ry'el Zen-Zouk's dance teams. She currently works as a Product Developer and lives in New Jersey.

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