Video: Jessica Carro Speaks With Xandy & Evelyn at the 2015 ZNL Music Festival; Bonus Workshop & Performance Footage

-Video Footage by Kuna Malik Hamad-

Xandy Liberato is a hard guy to get a hold of! And anyone who has tried knows he is not a fan of live interviews. However, the girls of Zoukology (Jess & Danielle) chased after him for 3 days straight until finally he caved in and sat down with us! Maybe it was because of the redbull/vodkas that Dadinho was serving up, or perhaps he just wanted us to stop harassing him, but whatever the reason, we are thrilled to FINALLY speak with him.

Xandy Liberato and Evelyn Magyari are two of the most sought after couples at congresses throughout the world AND the headlining instructors of the ZNL Music Festival! Interested in knowing how their partnership came to be? Watch the video for their hilarious explanation!

To read Danielle Marie’s 2015 interview with Xandy & Evelyn, follow the link below:

Danielle Marie Interviews Xandy & Evelyn

To see their world famous “Now Or Never” video, click here:

Now Or Never

Xandy & Evelyn are back at next year’s event, ZoukMX! For all the details visit the Facebook event page:




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